Closed railway lines in Britain and Ireland

An endeavour to record the dates of complete cessation of revenue traffic (closure) of railway lines in Britain and Ireland started with A Guide to Closed Railways in Britain 1948-75, compiled by Norman J Hill and Dr Angus O McDougall, and published by the Branch Line Society in 1977, with a further Amendment List in 1979. Similar information - brought up to date - appeared in Register of Closed Railways 1948-1991, compiled by Geoffrey Hurst and published by Milepost Publications in 1992. Unfortunately, both titles - now long out of print - contained errors and omissions, and have never been brought further up to date, corrected or re-published.

A partially amended version appeared in October 2003 on the website maintained by the late Brian Philp but the information it contained was still some way from being "definitive" so it is no longer considered reliable enough to warrant continued publication here. It is not known whether any of the original compilers (or others) intend to republish.